Why the original seal fails...
The primary reason for the original seal failing over time is from corrosion caused by electrolysis of the aluminum pipe. Only with the Bimmer Pipe, the new seal and aluminum pipe are separated by a stainless steel sleeve in order to prevent future electrolysis.

12 Simple Installation Steps
*This is illustration for N62

This is the groove that the seal fits in. We used a block to illustrate. The only things you have to remove is the intake and valley pan.
Step 1:

Drain cooling system, remove intake and valley pan. Use a small saw to cut the old pipe.
Step 2:

Remove the cut pipe from rear of block. Using a pair of pliers grab the front pipe and pry it out.
Step 3:

Remove the old seal with a pick tool.
Step 4:

Using a wet vacuum suck out all coolant. Using a air drill with a wire brush, clean out seal groove. Revacuum. DO NOT USE AN ELECTRIC DRILL!
Step 5:

Lubricate the new seal and install the flat side towards the front making sure the seal is in it's groove. DO NOT PINCH THE SEAL!.
Step 6:

Roll up stainless steel sleeve just enough to slip it inside of new seal.
Step 7:

It must look like this when installed. Put your finger inside to make sure it's seated. Install one of the o-rings over main pipe.
Step 8:

Lubricate both ends of the new pipe and the threads. Then insert pipe inside sleeve. It's a little tricky but saves a lot of time.
Step 9:

Push rear of pipe into rear of the block, making sure the mark on the ring is up.
Step 10:

Tighten the main nut until everything is seated.
Step 11:

This is what the front should look like.
Step 12:

After everything is seated, loosen the nut to install the o-ring. Re-tighten the nut just enough to put a little pressure on the o-rings. Tighten jam nut to main nut.

This a picture of what the seal looks like if you were to remove the timing cover.
If your BMW has coolant leaking from a hole in the timing cover, then The Bimmer Pipe is the solution that will save you time & money!

Master Installation Kit
Only $639.52 + Shipping
Not to be used in combination with the V12 extension.
Bimmer Pipe
Only $485 + Shipping
V12 Extension
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Supported Models
All 4.4-4.8 N62
  • • BMW 545 04-05
  • • BMW 550 06-10
  • • BMW 645 04-05
  • • BMW 650i 06-10
  • • BMW 735
  • • BMW 745i 02-05
  • • BMW 745li 02-05
  • • BMW 750i 06-08
  • • BMW 750li 06-08
  • • BMW X5 04-10
All 6.0 N73 *(Using our V12 extension)
  • • BMW 760i 05-06
  • • BMW 760li 03-08

The Bimmer Pipe Story
        Bimmer Pipe was developed by two professional European Auto Mechanics with over 60 years of combined experience. Coolant leaks in certain model BMW models were so labor intensive and time consuming, they knew there had to be a better way to make this costly repair. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, they developed and tested the Bimmer Pipe. The result is that an experienced mechanic can now complete this job in hours, not days.

Time is money and Bimmer Pipe will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY!
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